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Automotive Projects

1997 Dodge Neon (DRT-4)

I purchased this car from a friend of a friend in New Orleans, just a couple months before Katrina hit in 2005.  He had rear-ended a Jeep, blew out the bags, busted up the headlights, busted the door glass, and cracked the radiator.  I brought my truck, trailer, and a hundred dollar bill and towed the car back to my garage.  The good news pretty much stopped there.  The plan was to put on an SRT-4 turbofold, megasquirt, some R-compounds, and then run it in the sub-$1000 class at the Grassroots Motorsports $2006 Challenge.  The car was a miserable failure.  In fact, it even failed at failing:  Even though it got an honerable mention for closing down the drag strip twice due to fluid spewage, a Miata that didn't even make it to the event got the Most Spectacular Failure award.

After sitting in the garage for a while, it got resurrected as a Rallycross beater for the 2010 season.  It was plauged with failures, however, I did manage a 3rd place showing in M2 during 2011, mainly because I broke down at all but one of the events for the year, whereas most of the rest of M2 didn't show up at all.  After the 2011 season, I began the process of swapping the car to a manual transmission, as well as trying to increase the overall reliabilty of the car, in hopes of taking it to the $2012 Chalenge in the fall of 2012.

1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

This car was saved from a SBC/SBF conversion when I purchased it from a friend in the 2002/2003 timeframe.  Since owning it, I've freshened up the suspension, replaced the clutch, freshened the interior, and put some paint and bodywork on.  It's still a work in progress, as the paint job didn't turn out anywhere near as good as I had hoped.
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Automotive Projects