Intake Manifold Installation, Day 6

Setting the fans aside for the time being, I went ahead and lengthened the TPS wiring and the IAT wiring (almost. I ran out of butt connectors with one splice left to go) and get that taped up along with the IAC wire. It makes a nice little branch of the harness and I’m pretty pleased with how the wiring is shaping up.

The Stratus throttle cable isn’t just a little bit longer — it’s nearly twice as long as the 1gn Neon cable. Getting it through the firewall was a bit difficult because the grommet is significantly larger as well. Shaving down the rubber allowed it to fit snugly and the little clip on the inside will make sure it doesn’t come loose. On the other side, I fiddled with the 1gn bracket for a bit and wound up cutting it up so that I’ve got a small square that has the keyed hole for the throttle cable to lock into place. I’ve got some small angle steel that I’ll weld to it, drill a couple holes in, and mount to the throttle body’s original bracket mount holes.